Friday, 6 January 2017

2017 Plans

Our garden last year had a very successful year, partially due to utilization of the new high, double walled tunnel.  I did not have much to go about before I made decision to built this tunnel. I knew that it must be "high" as our "low" tunnel did not work that well due to hight restrictions.  We have been struggling in early spring with frost exposure and as such decision to try double walled tunnel.  Used regular poly for inside tunnel and woven 11 poly for outside.  The result was difference of about 4 degree, so when temp went down to -4deg C, inside was still at ) deg C.  One thing I regretted and will have to change this year, was use of non-clear poly for inside tunnel.  This was due to the fact that this was the only one available at HomeDepot at that time.  I will have to replaced it as tape that connected two poly sheets has failed and they would have to be reconnected anyway.
One thing on my mind is how to heat effectively tunnel in the spring during low temperature spells (lat year we had frost up till first week in June).  So far, we used candles, they seem to be working o.k., but I am looking for environmentally friendly way, perhaps solar panels, small heater, and RV battery that is sitting in my garage.  I know from reading and calculating that this might be difficult to achieve with 100-150 solar panel setup.  Will have to think about this as using solar heat sink is not feasible due to tunnel sitting on top of raised beds (cross members inside).
I will have to search for some alternative way of providing heat during low temp times (peak low temp) which is basically between 2:00 Am and 6:00 AM.

Last year we had very wet July and some of the crops were affected by this.  We might reduce how much lettuce we will grow as we had abundance of it, despite sharing with family and friends.

I will have to figure how I can grow seedlings inside the house with new puppy present, especially, that this pupp is gardener and loves digging in our pots inside the house.  Definitely will be challenging.

We have planted garlic in the fall and hope that this will result in good crop this year.
Slowly we have to start thinking about what to seed and when in prep for spring.

Sunday, 1 January 2017