Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Redundant question ..

This is in relation to previous post.  Today, we again got between 5-10 cm of snow on the ground. I man ground was totally covered by it.  In five hours it was all gone but not before wreaking havoc on morning drive.
I had to stop doing work in the garden due to rain or snow over past few days.
My focus was on upgrading low tunnel to tall one.  Using experience  from constructing one last year, I have rebuild the low one by  utilizing all of the materials from it, but of course, had to get new face build, so had to buy some lumber to do so.  Anyway, tunnel is ready to be covered and I forgot to mention, that it is double walled as well  (based on my previous experience).  I have plastic for inner tunnel ready, as well as, my outer shell.  Waiting for better weather with no wind or at least minimum wind, as with such large surface, we are dealing with sail like structure.  We already attempted to install the shell, but wind increased and had to abandon the effort.
Will try this weekend as the weather supposed to change for better.
In the other news, I seeded carrots and beats and my transplants are ready to be moved to tunnel (tomato).

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Spring is here, or is it?

This morning we have got surprise (not really surprise) snow!  Ground was covered within 10 minutes.  At least we are getting moisture and grass will look good.  I already seeded lettuce in the tunnel last Saturday, but it is still cold and night so no sprouts yet.
Getting ready to upgrade low tunnel to full height this spring.  Will post progress of project once it starts.