Tuesday, 2 May 2017

New Develpments

Well, spring is here and spring activity started in the garden.  First of all, I have re-built small hoop tunnel into tall one , same as the other one. Now we have tow double walled high hoop tunnels.
Since my tomato seedlings have grown so much, i had to transplant them to the tunnel last weekend.  Did the same to cucumbers, as they started to flower (wow that was quick).  Tunnel with water canisters as heat accumulators provide consistent 3 degree temp differential between outside and inside.  So far did not have to use additional feat source  to maintain positive temps.
Today Iw ill be planting and seeding the new tunnel.
It looks like we will have summer weather this week as temps supposed to be 21 tomorrow, 25 on Thursday and so on.  I think I will have to seed outside containers as well.
Been busy aerating grass and cleaning the yard.  So much work right now, but it is so rewarding.

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